How a Virtual Assistant Can Assist with Social Media

How a Virtual Assistant Can Assist with Social Media

Are you a small business owner struggling with all the social media platforms out there? Do you know, or have you used; Google +, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest? Or do you think they are just for other people’s businesses? Hiring a Virtual Assistant to help with your social media can not only save you time and frustration, it can help you grow your

A Virtual Assistant can;

Set-up Social Media Accounts – A Virtual Assistant can create your profile or edit your current one to make sure your profile ties into your professional brand image.

Provide Regular Updates and Content – Social media accounts are just that… social. They require regular updating of statuses, posting of information that your target demographic would be interested in viewing or reading, along with interacting directly with your customers. A Virtual Assistant can help you research these items, write the content, and set the updates to go out on all of your profiles. They can also respond on your behalf to your customers.

Sharing Your Important Company Announcements via Social Media – Do you have a blog? Do you publish regular articles on behalf of your company? In order to gain a reputation as an expert in your field (and in turn grow your business), your articles need to be shared. A Virtual Assistant can assist you in sharing this information among your social media profiles, along with sharing to their followers, and businesses they do business with. A great Virtual Assistant understands connections matter, and can help you grow your connections while leveraging theirs.

This is just one of the many services I offer. Please feel free to fill out my contact form, or email me for more information. I would love to talk about how I can help your business succeed in the world of Social Media.