Why you should hire a local VA over an outsourced VA firm

Why you should hire a local VA over an outsourced VA firm

I’ve been doing a lot of research lately on Virtual Assisting Firms, to see where I stack up. There are many options available; local VA’s in your next town, or even the next state, or overseas. Which one should you choose? How do you know?

I prefer to think of it from an everyday perspective. Would you rather go to a local coffee shop where the owner knows your name (I’m humming the Cheers theme song as I write this) and that you prefer a skim eggnog chai latte (no whip) over a drive through that you end up ordering through a speaker box with a crackle, repeating yourself multiple times only to find that once you take your first sip that your order is not only wrong, its undrinkable? The eggnog chai latte may be a little more expensive, but the experience is more rewarding in the long run, and you won’t be dumping it down the drain and starting over.

Local Virtual Assistant Like A Great Coffee Shop

This is the major difference between local and overseas virtual assisting. Overseas may be appealing, they can do work while you sleep, and can cost you a third of what a U.S. based virtual assistant will, but will you be able to use the end product in the way you wanted to, or will you find yourself dumping it down the drain and starting over again?

A local VA will get to know your business and the way you like your hypothetical coffee, and hey if you’re located nearby we might even meet you for one once in awhile!