Ever Wonder How’d They Do That?

Ever Wonder How’d They Do That?

As part of finding budget friendly solutions for small business customers. I am always in search of themes that easy to manipulate without a lot of coding. This flexibility allows me to build websites that look custom without the price of a full custom coded site. One of my favorite themes, Divi, comes from Elegant Themes.

I was honored this summer to be accepted as a guest blogger on the Elegant Marketplace Forum. The folks over at Elegant Marketplace offer some great child themes and plugins that are compatible with with Divi Theme.

My first post talked about how to determine the colors, where images come from, as well as plugins that websites designers use.

Here’s a little excerpt:

How do you determine the theme and special plugins a website is using?
The easiest way to determine the theme or plugins is using a website like WPThemeDetector or WhatWPThemeIsThat

How can you determine the color or make a color palette from a website?
I use the Chrome extension Colorzilla (which is also available for Firefox), to grab the colors from the site. This handy tool gives you both the RGB and Hex of the colors you select.

How to determine where images on the website came from?
An easy way to determine where website images originate from is using a image search tool like Google Reverse Image Search or TinEye, if it’s stock imagery you’ll be able to find which stock website it was purchased from, so you can purchase it.

You can read the full post on Elegant Marketplace.

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